Stunning Tribal Tattoos That Will Make You Book An Appointment

Tribal tattoos are one of the most fascinating tattoo designs. These designs actually date back to a couple of thousand years ago.  It is believed that the first tattoos were inked as far back as the Bronze Age. Back in those times, tattoos were used to mark one’s belonging to a certain tribe. Of course they were not done the same way they are today. Read More

Meaningful and Inspiring Tattoo Quotes For You

There are a great number of inspirational tattoo quotes out there, sometimes it is hard to know where to start.  Here are our favourites to inspire you.

For some, a quote may remind them of a certain period in their lifetime, some may use it to express their state of mind or even to share an important life-lesson with others, or to remind themselves of it.  So, if you are thinking about a tattoo quote, make sure to choose a quote that represents you and your character since the tattoo will stay on your body for pretty much forever.

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Spectacular, Gruesome, Creepy and Awesome Grim Reaper Tattoos

Death, known as The Grim Reaper, The Hooded One, The Destroyer and The Angel of Death, is an iconic figure and a key element across cultures around the globe and is imagined in many different ways, and often depicted in grim reaper tattoos. The traditional and popular depiction of death in skeletal form, in a dark cloak and carrying a scythe first arose in 15th century England, while the title Grim Reaper was first used in 1847.  Read More

37 Hot AF Side Tattoos For Girls

At Tattoos Beautiful, we love all tattoos be they huge or tiny. But, there is something very special about those pieces that take an entire side, or at least a part of it, of a woman. These hot AF side tattoos for girls give the artist the freedom to create real masterpieces and for you to show of your curves.  Read More