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Worst Tattoos of 2015 – Tattoos of the Day

These are the worst tattoos of 2015. What were they thinking!? Maybe they were drunk, maybe these are the dumbest people on the planet…hey, maybe you’ll like some of these. But these are our picks for the Worst Tattoos of 2015.

20 Unbelievably Romantic Couple Tattoos

These are, without a doubt, the most romantic couple tattoos in the world. But that doesn’t mean they’re all hearts and kissy faces. No! Many of our favorite couple tattoos are funny, weird, and unique – just like the couples who got them.

Top 20 Best Friend Tattoos and Designs

These are our absolute favorite Best Friend Tattoos. You’ll see the different creative ways that you and your best friend can get inked. These matching tattoos are beautiful on their own, but are even stronger when put together. Much like you and your best friend!

Top 20 Dreamcatcher Tattoos and Designs

Dreamcatcher tattoos come from Native American culture. The dreamcatcher is steeped in meaning. This design is fairly ancient and goes back hundreds and hundreds of years in Native culture. Dreamcatcher tattoos tend to be colorfully presented and in extremely similar shapes but with a variety of colors and feathers.